Chiranjeevi Yojana ( ચિરંજીવી યોજના )

Chiranjeevi Yojana ( ચિરંજીવી યોજના )

Eligibility Criteria of the Beneficiary of the Scheme

The scheme provides benefits to midwives of BPL families and above SCs who have APL cards but do not pay income tax. , The beneficiary has BPL. If the card is not available, they will have to get a certificate of income from the Talati cum Minister, Sarpanch, Mamlatdar, Chief Officer of their area.

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Assistance / benefits under the scheme

Under this scheme, pregnant women can get free delivery in a private hospital designated by the government. The pregnant woman admitted to the hospital does not have to pay any amount to the hospital. Not only this, with the help of this medicine the doctor will provide the necessary medicines for the treatment and also for free. In addition, Rs. 200 will be given to the pregnant woman by the doctor for coming to the hospital.

Methodology for availing the benefits of the scheme

To avail the benefits of the scheme, one has to fill up a form along with the required documents such as BPL. A copy of the card or income proof is required.

Where to get the benefit of the scheme.

Private gynecologists attached to the Chiranjeevi scheme in the district.

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Outline of the scheme:

The plan is to reduce maternal and child mortality. The "Chiranjeevi" scheme has been implemented to prevent maternal maternity problems. The scheme is for women living below the poverty line.

Who can get help?

1. Have a family living below the poverty line

Receivable assistance

1. In this the beneficiary gets Rs. 500 / - for maternity transportation as well as Rs. 20 / - for delivery

Accompanied by a midwife or assistant.

Supporting evidence

1. Copy of ration card

. BPL Proof of being

. Golden Jubilee Card

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Where to apply

Contact the local Anganwadi Center.

Application Form: Apply in the prescribed application form.

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