Why should trees be grown on Farm Border? (ખેતરની સરહદ પર શા માટે વૃક્ષો ઉગાડવામાં આવવા જોઈએ?)

Why should trees be grown on Farm Border?


Some of the advantages of overgrown trees

The direct wind that damages our crops by planting trees on the farm border, if the trees are planted, acts as a wind barrier and prevents the erosion of the farm border of the farm.
Maintains humidity in the farm environment as wind as well as temperature decreases.

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Planting useful trees in some fodder provides green fodder to the cattlemen during the summer.
By supplying some vegetables like Sargava, Falau tree etc., vegetables as well as fruits can be easily obtained and supplementary income can be obtained.
Planting some timber trees provides the necessary farm implements as well as timber for the house.
The wood needed for fuel is found.
By planting some trees that can add nitrogen. Crops can be improved by adding nutrients to the field.

Some of the disadvantages of overgrown trees

Crop production is slightly lower in the area around farm border.
Often trees provide support for pests so that the crop is damaged.
Falling leaves, twigs, fruits, etc. of trees can damage the following crops.
Trees can be a hindrance in the rainy season.
Crops can be damaged as trees are home to birds.

Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing a tree

To select trees whose fruits, fruits, leaves, bark etc. do not indirectly damage the crop and rot and adapt well to the soil.
Trees that can add nitrogen as well as other nutrients to the soil should be planted.
Tree leaves, fruit, fruit, twigs etc. should be useful in one way or another.
Trees should be pruned as soon as they sprout a second time as well as their branches and leaves should be cut frequently so that fuel as well as necessary fodder is available. E.g. Khijro, Subaval, Arduso.
The tree should be low-lying and whose roots go deep into the soil and the crop should not have shade and should be of good height.
Trees should grow fast. E.g. Arduso, Eucalyptus
The branches of the tree should not be broken by the wind.

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Important trees that can be planted on farm border

Vegetables: Sargavo.
Fruits: Amla, Custard apple, Kothu, Dirty, Bordi, Purple, Yellow, Lemon and Goras Tamarind.
Fl: casudo, fires, yellow fever.
Timber: Teak, Seven, Mahogany, Lum, Turmeric, Arjun Saad, Start.
Also for support: Eucalyptus, Subaval, Shuru, Magium.
Fuel: Subaval, Shuru, Agathi, Khijro, Sandeshar, Chevari, Australian Acaval, Magium.
As fodder: Subaval, Khijro, Pilu, Desi Baval, Bamboo.
Pulp, paper, chandelier and packing cases: Arduso, Shimla, Nimbalo.

Places to get seedlings

Necessary seedlings can be obtained from the social forestry nursery in the taluka by contacting the Parikshetra Forest Officer, but the number of seedlings required can be easily obtained if stated in advance.

Some things to keep in mind when planting seedlings

First of all, clean the farm border, remove the grass etc., dig ditches at a distance as required and plant large trees from east to west so that equal sunlight is available.
Mix the required organic manure and herbicides in the pit by mixing chlorpyrifosimidachloropil in 5 ml / 10 liters of water.
The plastic seedlings brought from the forest department should be scraped off the plastic well and after placing them in the pit, press the soil with the feet so that the roots stick quickly.
Necessary watering as well as weeding and fencing of thorns to protect from animals if required.

Read in Gujarati(ગુજરાતીમાં વાંચો)


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