Clean Milk ( સ્વચ્છ દુધ )

Clean Milk ( સ્વચ્છ દુધ )

Clean milk is milk produced by healthy dairy cattle, which has a general constitution as well as good taste and aroma and contains very small amounts of harmful bacteria and chemical residues and can be stored for a long time without any processing. Milk is called clean milk.

Over the years, our country has made great strides in milk production. In today's age of globalization and competition, quality along with quantity is also very important. The quality of milk in our country is inferior to other countries. There is a lot of room for improvement. There is an inextricable link between high quality and profit. We know that India has signed the WTO, so other countries can come to our country to trade freely. Implementing international norms is mandatory to survive in the global competition. Today's demand is to improve the bioavailability of milk through the implementation of this international standard.

Benefits of clean milk

Clean milk does not spoil the jelly.
Milk and milk products are prepared at a lower cost and get higher returns.
It is easy to export as it is not harmful to health.
Can be stored longer.
The following things are very important to keep in mind for clean milk production.

Read in Gujarati(ગુજરાતીમાં વાંચો)

Care to be taken by pastoralists

The main responsibility for clean milk production lies with the pastoralist. Special during milking

And taking care in different ways gives clean milk. In addition, the driver as well as the staff of the cold center and dairy have to play an important role in keeping the milk clean.

Livestock selection and grooming

Purchasing an animal after checking the health of the animal by a specialist veterinarian.
Timely vaccination to keep the animal free from deadly diseases.
Treat sick animals by keeping them away from healthy animals and do not mix the milk of such animals with the milk of healthy animals.
Timely cutting of hair on the body and tail of the animal.
Washing and keeping the animal body clean and taking special care to ensure that the animal gets a balanced diet and clean water.
The animal's habitat should be well ventilated and well ventilated.

Care to be taken before milking

It is necessary to clean the stable before milking. Failure to do so will contaminate the milk by blowing dust particles.
Do not feed the animal before milking which spreads particles in the air, which contaminates the milk.

Read in Gujarati(ગુજરાતીમાં વાંચો)

Care to be taken while milking

The animal should be milked at certain times in the morning and evening.
Before milking, the back of the animal should be cleaned, as well as the udder and udder should be washed with lukewarm water and wiped with a rice cloth and washed with chlorine or potassium permanganate.
Milking with the thumb inside the fist method is likely to cause a lump in the udder. So keep the thumb out and milk with the fist. Keep milking small calves with a pinch method.
Keep the milking in a fast and clean environment, once you start milking, complete the milking quickly (in 2-3 minutes).
When milking, the first 2-3 shades of milk should be removed from the milking vessel as it is likely to have maximum germs.
If you want to milk more than one animal, after milking one animal, milk the other animal only after washing your hands.
The milk of the sick animal should not be poured on the ground but should be thrown away in a separate vessel. Or buried.
Milk should be taken from each udder completely and the udder should not be milked in cross.
The milker should wear clean and neat clothes and keep the hair neatly wet and covered so that it does not get into the milk. Also cut long nails so that the nipples are not injured and the dirt of the nails does not contaminate the milk.
Timely treatment of minor injuries to the esophagus and groin.
When milking, feed only fodder or greens to the animal.
Use of tea deep / spray after milking i.e. after milking, the udder should be dipped in disinfectant solution (chlorine or potassium permanganate). Pruning of animals which are frequently infected with this disease.

Care after milking

Take it from there immediately after milking as the surrounding odor absorbs it and spoils the taste and aroma of the milk.
Deliver the milk to the milk congregation immediately.
Keep the milk container covered.
Never mix stale milk or water in fresh milk.

Milk utensils and their hygiene

The milking vessel should be clean, neat, dry and with a clean mouth.
Use stainless steel utensils that are corrosion resistant and easy to clean. Vessels should not have stains, cracks or grooves.
Systematic cleaning of utensils with warm water before and after milking, use of washing powder is beneficial.
Dry the cleaned utensils in a dust free place.

Read in Gujarati(ગુજરાતીમાં વાંચો)

Steps taken by the State Government or Dairy Union for clean milk production

Intensive efforts should be made to use tit dip / spray to control the disease.
To encourage progressive milk producers / breeders to keep more milking machines and farm cooling (chillers).
Mandate the use of cloth filters that can be fitted on cans to filter milk at the milking parlor.
Continuously inform the pastoralists about clean milk production, disease prevention and measures to produce clean milk at low cost.

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